Aosom Canada, Poor Customer Service, warehouse is in Ontario, Canada products from China

If there was minus I would certainly use it.

I found Aosom Canada Catalogue shop online and took a chance with a very attractive office chair. We usually would do this purchase at Staples where there is some customer service. I hummed and hawed but eventually bought the chair. I will say we didn’t put it together right away.

When we did, I am usually the one who sits in the chair I always found the pneumatic post had gone down to the ground. As other people were sitting in the chair I kept adjusting it. Eventually I figured it out, no matter how many times I adjusted it the chair was too low for me. The pneumatic post was defective.

I contacted customer service and what do you know they have a 90 day manufacturer’s warranty and I sent the email after 92 days. Honestly, for a $20 part, I wouldn’t think they would not want to risk their reputation. As we are in a small town and pretty much buy everything online, we could have been repeat customers. This is such a disappointment – 2 days.

Products & Services

Aosom Canada, offers a wide range of products for your most practical needs to all your wants. Fitness Equipment, Home Decor and Furniture, Backyard Furniture, Tools, Office Supplies, Toys and Games, and even Pet Products. At first blush they look great. Customer service does not seem very important to them. It appears they have large warehouses in Canada and all their product comes from China.