Scenic Drops

scenic drops - Yorkton, Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada

Scenic Drops is in the midst of a full redesign using wordpress. WordPress is one of the most popular content management and blog publishing applications available on the web today.

Once the site is up and running you can login and add content, images, photo galleries etc. There seems to be no limitations to wordpress as they have thousands of plugins including ecommerce solutions and pretty well anything else you can think of. Over the past few months I have converted most of my customers sites using wordpress and a phone call explaining the dashboard has them well on their way.

Scenic Drops has a customized theme. Should you want a wordpress site up an running the cost would be approximately $400.00 and once Yorkton Hosting has  your content you can be up and running within days. As I administer all the domains and do my own hosting there is very little waiting time.