Find My Home on the Web

How to Find My Home on the Web

Steps to Finding Your Home on the Web 

Domain Name – your Internet Address

Consider the domain name you would like, provide Yorkton Hosting & Web Design with a few suggestions and I will search for availablity and purchase your domain name for you, or check for different domain names by using our domain name checker in the left menu, purchase your own or provide the names to Yorkton Hosting and Web Design and we will register them for you.

It is important that you retain control over your own domain name as many bulk domain name suppliers do not leave this option open to you. Here at Yorkton Hosting your domain is your domain, should you wish to transfer or cancel your service it is not a problem.  If you would prefer to register your own domain name,  the DNS information you will need is:

Design and Colour Preferences 

Search for some websites you like the colour, layout, menu, etc. and send me the links so I have an idea of what you are looking for. From there we will decide which content management system suits your needs, websites price vary depending on whether you want a custom template for your content management system or a pre-designed template customized for your requirements. Yorkton Hosting has an hourly rate of $25 per hour. Yorkton Hosting is able to keep my rates low as I work from my home and do not have the over-head expenses of larger companies. Once your site is designed you will have an annual cost of $25 for your domain name and $10 per month, charged annually for hosting.

Content Management Systems 

I Utilize the newest applications allowing you to keep current with trends as well as have a web site online using a secure content management system. I design the look and add your content, with your input, and you add additional content at your leisure.

Shown on this site is the Joomla content management system which is suitable for more advanced users. I also use CMSimple XH which, as it name says, is a simple content management system with the ability to generate new pages on the fly, adds a contact form and a sitemap, all you need to do is change the content when needed. Should you require different programs to generate your web site, for example a blog, that is not a problem, I am always willing to take on a new challenge.

The advantage to content management systems rather than static HTML sites is the content doesn’t get stale, you can update your site daily, weekly, make a few changes, all with an easy to log in editor.  The html design remains the same throughout the site while you are able to log in through an internet browser from any computer and add text, images, new pages, downloads etc. This makes an excellent choice for anyone who would like a professional website without the monthly costs of a web designer. Content remains fresh and the site is fun to maintain.

Should you require a larger site with a membership base, forums etc. I recommend Joomla 2.5. For the Blogger and now a simple content management sytem I suggest Word Press.

These programs are open source so there is no costs associated with the actual software, though I do encourage reqular updates of the software to keep the sites running secure and hack free.

Manual Search Engine Submission 

Some say ‘Build it and they will come’ this is not true, I will manually submit your site to the major search engines as what is the point of having a website if no one ever visits. From manual submission to the search engines to sitemaps in HTML and XML, I will look after your search engine marketing.

Link Building

It is important to have some quality links to your site and resources for your visitors from your site. I am able to do this or should you wish to do this yourself, I provide you with suggestions for your link building resources.

As you can see web design does not only include the design of a website, it is important to consider all aspects for an affordable web package. Contact Yorkton Hosting today for your free and affordable quote…

Information to Provide

Provide your name, email, and the project scope listed below and I will be pleased to provide you with your free web site design quote:

Project Scope:

  • URL required (one or two suggestions preferred), estimated pages, 
  • Content Management System or HTML,
  • time frame required,
  • are logos and/or images available
  • 3 favorite site designs?
  • Provide a general description of the project