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Bytes R Us Hosting and Design Offers Solutions for your Web Site Hosting & Web Site Design Requirements

Is it time for Your Business, Hobby or Family web site to be online, but not sure what you actually need?

Are you tired of looking for a web site hosting company and reading all the specs. Not sure what you are looking for? Want to make sure you get your Business or Hobby site online, in a simple, professional and affordable way with all the ‘bells and whistles’ actually needed?

Searching Web Site Hosting sites can be a maze of information. You think you have found just the right one, but after signing up you find there was something else you needed that’s not included with the regular hosting package and your monthly fees increase substantially.

BytesRUs offers Web Site Design & Web Site Hosting Solutions for Your Business, Hobby or Family Web Site without overwhelming you with technical details and also offers affordable competitive prices.

Have questions, why not talk to a real person with Internet Experience.

What exactly is enough, 100 megs of storage, a cgi bin, php, mysql, all great questions but do you really want that much detail. Sometimes you just about need to be an Internet Guru to find Your Home on the Internet. No need to worry about any of this, Yorkton Hosting handles all the web site hosting and web site design details while you enjoy finding and planning your home on the Internet.

BytesRUs Website Hosting packages are all you will need to get your site online. No I don’t have my own dedicated server, and I won’t show you great big computer rooms. Yorkton Hosting is a home based business based out of Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada. Hosting is done virtually making it very affordable for you to be online. Monthly packages start as low as $10 per month Canadian and that is probably all you will need to have your site on the web. Should you require more resources upgrades are available to the intermediate or advanced account, our basic account will usually suffice.

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